Sports betting has been going on for centuries? For as long as there have been people playing sports, there have also been people betting on them. Betting on sports is fun and there’s a chance of winning money. Putting your sports knowledge to the test and having some fun at the same time. Recreational bettors are perfectly capable of making money and there are also those who don’t manage to achieve their goal, but who are still determined to keep trying.

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Licensed US betting sites block registrations from restricted states to comply with varying gaming laws. Online gambling is a complicated and politicized issue in America. Each state in the union has a different approach to dealing with the market, and what’s accessible in one state may not be the same in another. Tribes, land based operators, horse racing tracks, and lotteries all have their own interests, which don’t always align. It seems more sites are opening every day thanks to favorable legislation and growing interest in licensed internet gambling options. See our complete list of betting site reviews here.

The purpose of these reviews is to give you an unbiased look at what each site has to offer in terms of gambling options, payment processing, and overall quality. We’re happy to report that licensed betting sites are obligated by law to provide a certain basic level of quality for customers.


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At some point or another, most people daydream about making money online. It sounds like a great deal to just sit around at home all day with coffee in hand, update a few websites and then take the Mercedes out for a spin around the block. For most, it’s a daydream that is quickly replaced by the reality of the daily desk job and life’s other obligations.




Some of us, however, never give up on the idea and do go on to actually pursue the dream.